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消荧光剂Heliya® BQ-L
品牌: Heliya
产品形态: 液体

Fluorescent Quencher for Wet End Application Heliya® BQ-L

I. Uses

Quick switch from high fluorescent paper to low fluorescent paper.

Easy to control whiteness in recycling fluorescent broke or secondary furnish for use in paper with lower fluorescent reqirement.

Ensure whiteness compliance in papermaking.

II. Characteristics & Benefits



Liquid, pumpable formulation, miscible

with water in all proportions.

Simple handling, suitable for automatic

dispensing equipment.

High affinity to cellulosic fibers.

Nearly all absorbed onto fibers, extremely low content in white water.

Anionic, compatible with many kinds of anionic chemicals for paper making

Effective even with anionic trash in the furnish

Good ecological profile

Extremely low toxicity to fish and aquatic organisms

Urea-free low salt formulation

No Nitrogen effluent.

III.Chemical and Physical Properties

Chemical constitution

Derivative of stilbene disulphonic acid

Ionic character


Physical form

Brownish yellow liquid

Density (20 °C)

1.1-1.2 g/cm³

Viscosity (Brookfield, #2 Spindle, 100rpm, 25 °C)

150-250 mPas

Storage stability

Heliya BQ-L liquid is stable for one year when properly stored in closed containers at 20°C. The product is sensitive to cold below 0 °C and to heat above 60 °C.


The usual hygiene and safety rules for handling chemicals as well as local laws and regulations should be observed in storage, handling and use. The product must not be swallowed. MSDS is available upon request of competent organizations.

IV. Application

Why Fluorescence Quenching is needed?

After production of high-whiteness paper with high dosage of optical brighteners, it can be very time consuming to make a grade change to lower whiteness paper or paper without optical brighteners.Heliya® BQ-L can make it much easier  for paper makers to switch quickly from higher whiteness  grade to lower whiteness grade with minimal paper loss and short time to restart.  If secondary fiber or coated broke from several paper machines are used in paper production, whiteness control is definitely a challenge.  In this case, Heliya®  BQ-L can perform very efficiently.

How to Use

With Heliya BQ-L  all types of paper optical brighteners can be quenched by adding directly or from concentrated stock solution in the  furnish and white water circulation.  The recommended adding points are mixing chest or machine chest by adding directly or by stock solution or dilutions.  Heliya®  BQ-L can also be added to the white water directly.

Required Amount and Performance

The average dosage level of Heliya®  BQ-L ranges from 0.1% to 1.5% based on the weight of dry pulp due to the fact that  different amount of optical brighteners might be  present in the  machine or in the pulp or broke.  Preliminary lab tests are highly recommended to determine the amount of Heliya®  BQ-L needed.

The shade of paper will shift to greenish yellow if Heliya®  BQ-L is over-dosed.

It should be pointed out that total quenching of fluorescence is impossible regardless of what kind of quencher used.

It should also be bearing in mind that the quenching effect is greatly discounted if only a very small amount of optical brighteners is present.

Heliya®  BQ-L is stable in both acidic and alkaline conditions.

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