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高效光漂剂 Heliya®PBX
品牌: Heliya
产品形态: 液体

Highly Effective Photobleaching Agent for Detergents Heliya®PBX


Heliya® PBX is an anionic tetrabenzo-tetraazaporphine derivative in liquid form with bluish green color.

II. Typical Applications

Heliya® PBX is designed for use as a photocatalyst in a wide range of laundry products such as powder detergent, liquid detergent and laundry detergent bar etc.  Being a photocatalyst in nature,  it activates the oxygen in the air with the help of sunlight to bleach the organic oxidizable stains on the washed fabric such as vegetable and fruit juice, sweat secretion, coffee, wine, blood and tea etc.

III. Salient Features

Heliya® PBX photocatalyses efficiently the sunlight induced bleaching process:

Removal of a broad spectrum of stains on fabric including most vegetable and fruit juice, coffee, wine, blood and tea etc.;

Uses freely available sunlight as energy source and freely available oxygen in the air as source of oxidant;

Gives attractive blue greenish aspect to the laundry products if applied as such;

Improves the whiteness by imparting a bluish cast to laundered goods;

Easy to use; one-step combined washing and bleaching (also for one-step softening / bleaching in after-rinse products);

Certain antimicrobial activity as an additional benefit of the photobleaching system.

IV. Benefits

Cleaning and freshening effect on cellulosic fabrics;

Delivery of efficient and ecological bleaching in sunbelt countries such as Latin America, Southeast Asia, Indian Subcontinent and Southern European Countries with low temperature washing and outdoor line drying habits;

Optimum whitening of fabric with neutral shade when combined with fluorescent whitening agents;

Attractive coloration of detergent and fabric care products.

V. Chemical and Physical Properties

Active Substance: Derivative of tetrabenzo-tetraazaporphine

Ionic Character: Anionic

Physical Form: Bluish green liquid

Density (25 oC): 1.15-1.3 g/cm3  

VI. Photobleaching Property

Heliya® PBX  is effective against most stains which can be oxidized by activated oxygen e.g. tea, coffee, red wine, fruit extracts, juices or liquors with natural color, carrot, beet root, tomato juice, cocoa, soya sauce, curry and other spices, roast meat gravy, egg yolk, grass etc.;

Local climatic conditions with intensive sunlight, high temperature and high air humidity favor the use of higher concentrations of Heliya® PBX and enhance the solar bleaching performance of Heliya® PBX.  The result of solar bleaching becomes more visible during repeated washings;

Heliya® PBX leaves little or invisible color or shade accumulation on washed fabric

VII. Incorporation and Dosage Level


Heliya® PBX is designed for addition via post addition or for spraying on powder in a granulation process.  Extra cautions should be taken for addition in the slurry for spray dry process and extensive tests should be done in advance to ensure optimum process for minimum thermal decomposition of Heliya® PBX.   Heliya® PBX can be added to formulations of primarily anionic character as is.  For the incorporation in cationic afterrinse formulations, an initial dilution (for instance,1:100) is necessary to prepare homogeneous and storage stable products

Dosage Level

Detergent powder 0.01 -0.05 % Detergent  bar 0.01- 0.04 %

Detergent paste 0.01- 0.05 %Liquid Detergent 0.01- 0.05 %

Afterrinse 0.01 -0.03 %

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